(ADN-Asarel Tech)

The smart iSOSu emergency app is a personal emergency app developed in India jointly by a team, emerging from ADN cluster (of which the Atlantic Club is a leading member) and Asadel Tech, India. When activated, the signal is received by other users each one of whom can be your potential savior, besides auto-informing your pre-defined contacts (friends and relatives) and concerned authorities eg. police, medical emergency & fire services). Ten different touch buttons provide options to choose the type of emergency you are in, thereby launching a SOS Signal spontaneously.

As soon as iSOSu™ is launched, it activates rear camera (to take automatic pics & videos of surroundings), and turns on phone’s voice recorder. All these plus geo-location and other critical information are transmitted to intended recipients. Its versatility enables you to setup your preferences the way you want.

More information on this project can be found here: iSOSu emergency APP