Тhe Atlantic Club of Bulgaria: A Brief History

www.atlantic-club.org: An Overview

  • The Atlantic Club of Bulgaria www.Atlantic-Club.org was conceived in 1990 as the pioneering NGO in the Warsaw Pact advocating the dissolution of the latter and inclusion of New Europe in NATO and EU.
  • Founder and current President of ACB is Dr. Solomon Passy MP, whos group drafted the 1990 Bills for Bulgaria's membership in NATO and EU and participation in the US-led coalition which liberated Kuwait from Saddam's occupation.
  • Between 1990-2007 ACB played crucial role in building mutual trust and confidence between the Euro-Atlantic community and Bulgaria, which evolved into Bulgaria's memberships in NATO and EU.  Bulgaria's accession documents, both with NATO and EU were negotiated by Foreign Minister Solomon Passy (2001-2005), who was at that period Honorary President of ACB.
  • Today, ACB is focused on introducing new technologies on the territory of the EU and worldwide viewing them as a driving force for fostering and spreading democracy worldwide.
  • In 2008, Dr. Solomon Passy and Gergana, launched the universal standardization of all GSM mobile chargers in the EU. Their proposal came into effect in January 2011 and currently saves millions of tons of CO2 emissions and electronic waste every year.
  • At present, ACB triggered the discussion for  the transformation of the whole EU territory into a free Wi-Fi zone, the elaboration of a national legal framework on space exploration, and Bulgaria's membership in the European Space Agency.
  • In addition, ACB is a vigorous promoter of the adoption of a common European Defence policy and of the further federalisation of the EU.
  • ACB played leading role in establishing Bulgaria's permanent presence in Antarctica and in negotiating the country's membership in the Antarctic Treaty (1998).
  • ACB was also among the key actors which brought about the establishment of Bulgarian-American Joint Military Facilities on the country's territory in 2006.
  • In 1998, ACB was awarded the annual Manfred Wörner scholarship of NATO for its study NATO's Global Mission in the 21st Century.
  • In 1992, ACB became the first NGO from a non-NATO member state invited to the Atlantic Treaty Association.
  • ACB was the major driving force behind the organisation of the Bulgarian visits of Pope John Paul II (2002) and Dalai Lama of Tibet (1991).
  • Serving as the principle foreign policy think-tank in Bulgaria, ACB has hosted hundreds of world speakers, including Heads of States and Governments, statesmen, leaders of international organisations and Nobel Prize winners.