President´s Statement

Founding President of ACB, the Honorable Dr. Solomon Passy, was re-elected as the ACB’s President in 2009 following 8 years in government. In the meantime Dr. Passy (CV: has held the following positions: Minister of Foreign Affairs (2001-2005), OSCE Chairman-in-Office (2004), UN Security Council Chairman (in 2002, 2003), Chairman of the Foreign / Foreign, Defense and Security Parliamentary Committees (2005-2009 / 2001).  Here follows his message to current and future members and partners of the ACB.

Dear Friends,

In the last 30 years I have had the chance to participate, to differing degrees of success, in a number of efforts to establish the best democratic standards within my home country Bulgaria, Europe and worldwide. 

Having had the unique chance to work in government and Inter-Governmental Organizations, to sit in Parliament (in both, majority and opposition) and to lead NGO’s, I am proud to share with you my greatest personal discovery and that is the strength and power of the citizens’ society.

Therefore it was a great pleasure for me to accept the invitation of the ACB to return as its President.  I am deeply thankful and appreciative to all those who supported and led this great organization in its first two periods (1990-2001 and 2001-2009).  I will be happy to join forces to face the challenges of shaping the next 20 years in our global world. 

The new challenges that the Euro-Atlantic community must face are not comparable with the challenges that we faced 20 years ago.  We have already summarized the views discussed in ACB on the future role of NATO in our essay: NATO’s Strategy (2010-2030) We would appreciate your thoughts on it. We need the vision and the courage of the non-governmental society to improve and master the work and the strategies of our democratic Governments in shaping our common future.

I will be happy to see the inclusion of ACB into a wider Euro-Atlantic network of NGO’s ready to offer strategic solutions beyond the mainstream of the bureaucratic traditions.

I rely on your thoughts and suggestions as to how we can achieve this together.

Sincerely yours,

Solomon Passy
President of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria