Bulgaria for Nobel Peace Prize

After attending the Nobel Prize Ceremony in Oslo, 2012 Solomon Passy suggested that EU should nominate Bulgaria for the Nobel Peace Prize next year.  As a Nobel Laureate the European Union has the legitimate right to nominate individuals and institutions for the prestigious award and Mr. Passy thinks Bulgaria should make the most of this opportunity. Year of 2013 marks the 70th anniversary of the rescue of nearly 50, 000 Jews from being sent to concentration camps in Nazi Germany. Under pressure from Hitler, the government of Tsar Boris III planned deportation of the Jewish population which was prevented by the Holy Synod, the Bulgarian Orthodox church and civil protests.

Significant role in saving the Jews also has the official resistance of part of the Members of Parliament, organized by the Deputy Chairperson of the National Assembly Dimitar Peshev, which expressed their opinion in front of the Prime Minister Bogdan Filov. An important role is played by the widow of the statesman Petko Karavelov - Ekaterina Karavelova - one of the founders of the Committee for Protection of the Jews.

“No other nation has done such thing, or if they did, they would receive a recognition for its actions”, stated the president of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria.