(March 17th 2011 11:00h, Sheraton Hotel, Sofia)

The Atlantic Club of Bulgaria together with the Embassy of the United States to Bulgaria organized an event with the renowned NASA astronaut Dr. Story Musgrave. The presentation took place on March 17th 2011 at Sheraton Hotel in Sofia. Dr. Musgrave has over 30 years of experience as a NASA astronaut and spent almost 1 282 hours in the space. He has flown on all 5 space shuttles and in 1993 was chosen to lead the mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.

In his presentation Dr. Musgrave told some inspiring stories about his life. Although he has never graduated from school, on 18 he was already an aviation electrician and an instrument technician and was responsible for the condition of US warplanes during the Korean War. The American astronaut, who was part of the crew of space shuttle Challengerís maiden voyage, drew on his considerable experience in space flights and related the experience and pressure one feels on such missions.

Dr. Story Musgrave paid special attention to Bulgarian aspirations for space research and achievements. As far as he is concerned, Bulgaria has a great potential and should work for creating its own space program. He said that focusing only on sending another Bulgarian astronaut to the space is not enough.

Dr. Musgrave also touched on the idea of intelligent life in space. In his opinion such life undoubtedly exists within the depths of the Cosmos but there is no evidence of alien visits to Earth.†

When asked the question what the current plans for the American space program are, Dr. Musgrave replied that at the moment the United States have no clear objectives set before their space program since the plans to send a human mission on Mars have been put on hold indefinitely.